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Our team of experienced agents can minimise the hard work of searching for a new property by taking you to properties that suit your requirements, to allow you to move in to your new home as quickly as possible. As an independent real estate company in Qatar, we are not limited to showing you our "own" properties, but rather, can access the entire market to help you identify an appropriate home.

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Renting Checklist

The rental market in Qatar is very dynamic, with a broad range of property available for clients of all budget levels. With the continuing growth in population in Qatar, the amount of available property to rent is very tight. We therefore encourage our tenant clients to work closely with us so that we can find them a property to suit their needs as quickly as possible. Most landlords prefer to receive post dated cheques for the rent, so we recommend that all tenants looking for property have this arranged at the time they are starting to look.


  • Qatari ID card with a good quality copy of the front back of the card
  • Cheque book from a Qatar-based bank with a minimum of 14 cheques to cover fees, security deposit and 12 months rent
  • A copy of the lease will be required in due course to switch Kahramaa into the tenant's name
  • Salary letter from employer (some landlords will request this) confirming your salary, title and length of time in your role

Renting FAQ

As arguably the largest independent real estate agent in Qatar with a team of 15 people, we know that we can offer excellent service to our tenants by helping you to find a home as quickly as possible. Our company has been established in Qatar since 2009 and we have an excellent track record of delivering quality service for both landlords and tenants. Our team coming from 10 different nationalities can assist you to find a home as quickly as possible. This year alone we will help more than 600 families find a place to live in Qatar.
Generally speaking, you will have a grace period where your company will provide accommodation to allow you to get settled. Your long-term rental will be contracted either through yourself or through your employer. In either case, the best approach is to organize your residency permit (arranged through your employer) and local bank account ASAP as these will be required to complete a lease as well as arrange many other things in Qatar. In the meantime, you should contact NelsonPark Property to show you relevant properties in preparation for your move to your permanent home.
While technically you do not need an RP nor a bank account specifically in almost every case your landlord will insist that you have this as they will want to see you have government approval to live in the country and the landlord will require post-dated cheque payments as well as a security deposit for the lease period. NelsonPark Property, however, has long standing relationships with many landlords who provide a degree of flexibility in the knowledge that setting up RP’s etc can take time. We are often able to negotiate a conditional lease for many clients to secure a property so that they don’t miss out due to administrative constraints and delays
From our experience what we have observed is that what is reported in the press is often an exaggeration of reality. When prices are rising it is often reported far higher than reality, and the same when there are periods of reductions. Additionally, an example of one transaction is often used to show a trend, which it just is not. Recent press reports of a surge in prices due to the awarding of the World Cup in 2022 to Qatar have proven unfounded. However, we have noticed a definite increase in optimism as a result of the winning bid. We believe that rental prices are indeed lower than they were two years ago, but the bulk of price reductions have stopped, and in some cases we have seen increases. There has definitely been an improvdement in the sale of units particularly in highly desired areas such as The Pearl. Recent market research provided to us states that up to 70% of newly available properties are not staying vacant for more than 2-4 weeks which means that tenants generally act quickly when they find a place that they like. NelsonPark Property can provide recent information on what pricing has been reached for various properties to give a current market indication to both tenants and landlords to enable a fair market price so that both parties are exposed to realistic pricing.
The upfront costs will be the first month rental (all rent is paid at the beginning of the relevant month), a security deposit (normally equivalent to one month’s rent) that is refundable at the end of the lease (upon vacating the property after repair costs have been deducted). Ongoing costs for the tenant include all utilities (electricity, water, internet, etc) although these can sometimes be negotiated within the rental agreement. Additional costs can also include furniture and electrical goods (depending on whether the property is rented as unfurnished, semi-furnished, or fully furnished). Electricity and Water is activated through Kahramaa (Qatar Electricity and Water department) and requires a refundable deposit of QAR 2,000. We levy a charge of half of one month's rent for the provision of our services. This fee is only due upon successfully placing you in your new home.
This is subject to individual negotiation between the tenant and the landlord. Although this was not always the case, it is now very common for the landlord to allow a 2 month break clause if the tenant has to vacate the property due to termination.
Leasing in Qatar can be a complicated and challenging process. Most agencies have a good handle on processes and will be able streamline the process for you. If you are new to Qatar, it also helps to have someone who knows where the right properties are for you and your family so that you can concentrate on the many other priorities of living in a new country – especially if the agency already has good relationships with many landlords. There are a number of “free lance” agents working in Doha that show property in their spare time and are not legally operating. We have been advised that the government in Qatar is in the process of creating a new law that specifically bans all freelance agents. We recommend that you only use a professional legally formed company to assist you with your property requirements. NelsonPark Property is fully licensed and registered in the State of Qatar under the Ministry of Business and Trade, Commercial Registration Number 43104.

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